Music Patrons

Long time no see

But quit my job and now I've got time to play around.

Originally my idea was to track dollars moving around in the music industry and help people track their behaviors to encourage them to give money to their favorite artists (or their favorite artists that weren't already well compensated) more directly.

My old site was intentionally crap as a reminder to go out and build something but jobs are draining and I let it go without progress. In the meantime Patreon came out and I thought hey at least somebody is trying to get artists money more directly so my motivation was further diminished. As an aside ... Hilariously Patreon was announced on the same day I was scheduled to have 1on1 call with Nataly Dawn from a kickstarter from her album and that call never happened, and I wonder if my linking to their bust your kneecaps video from this domain inspired Jack... maybe we'll never know.

As patreon indicates there are other domains than music where patronage is a reasonable concept to help empower artists, but I'd like to start there. Even without a job I've got other responsibilities and time constraints so I'm still not making any promises, but I'm older and wiser and now instead of a purely free plan I'm actually paying for a little bit of this so maybe just maybe I'll motivate myself to get something real built out now.